The Arbitrum Frontier is now live!

The Arbitrum Frontier is now live!

Embark on The Arbitrum Frontier


Welcome to "The Arbitrum Frontier," a groundbreaking campaign set at the heart of blockchain innovation and decentralized finance. This event invites you on a month-long journey of exploration and discovery. Join us in this historic venture and become a trailblazer in the world of DeFi on Arbitrum. Start your journey now by visiting

Navigating the Arbitrum Universe From 9 AM EST on the 22nd of November to 9 AM EST on the 22nd of December, we invite traders, developers, investors, and diamond pepe enjoyoors to partake in this expansive journey. The Arbitrum Frontier represents a collective exploration of the decentralized finance space, uniting the most innovative minds and technologies in blockchain. Traverse through the diverse landscapes of DeFi – from KyberSwap's liquidity galaxies to Abracadabra's mystic dimensions, and the high-stakes trading orbits of GMX.

Rewards for the Explorer Embark on this adventure and be eligible for exceptional rewards:

  • A share in a significant rewards pool of over $100k in ARB, valued in USD.
  • The achievement of a unique Soulbound NFT, symbolizing your accomplishments, by completing all campaigns and tasks in this journey.
  • An exclusive Special Role within the Dopex Discord community, and potentially honors in partner discords, distinguishing you as an integral member of this galactic venture.

A Collaborative Expedition with Esteemed Partners The Arbitrum Frontier proudly embarks on this journey in collaboration with a constellation of leading DeFi protocols and esteemed partners, each contributing their unique strengths and innovations to the campaign:

  • Jones DAO: Pioneering yield-bearing DeFi strategies.
  • Camelot: A community-driven, flexible DEX enhancing the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • Lodestar: Unlocking decentralized money markets for key Arbitrum assets.
  • Radiant: The trailblazing omnichain money market in DeFi.
  • MUX: Revolutionizing trading with zero price impact and high leverage.
  • KyberSwap: The first Dynamic Market Maker in DeFi's landscape.
  • Umami: Offering customizable portfolio strategies with optimized yields.
  • OpenOcean: Leading the way as a DEX/DeFi aggregator on Arbitrum.
  • Timeswap: Innovating with a permissionless, fixed-maturity lending & borrowing protocol.
  • Silo: Pioneering non-custodial lending across a diverse range of crypto assets.
  • GMX: Reshaping crypto trading with high leverage on Arbitrum.
  • Abracadabra: Using interest-bearing tokens to create new borrowing dynamics.
  • Dolomite: Merging the strengths of a DEX and a lending platform.
  • Vertex: Offering a cross-margined DEX protocol with an integrated money market.

In partnership with Arbitrum, Galxe, and OKX Web3, The Arbitrum Frontier transcends being just a series of quests; it represents a united stride towards new horizons in blockchain and decentralized finance.

Be Part of Blockchain's Next Chapter This campaign offers you the chance to be part of an exciting chapter in the evolution of decentralized finance. We're on the brink of new discoveries and innovations, and your participation is crucial.

Are you ready to embark on this unparalleled journey? Prepare for launch and set your coordinates for an exciting expedition through the cosmos of DeFi.

Join us at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Learn more and join the expedition at

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