Now Live: New Boop/WETH Market on Stryke

Now Live: New Boop/WETH Market on Stryke

April 26, 2024


We’re thrilled to introduce our newest market offering on Stryke’s CLAMM: Boop/WETH, NOW LIVE on the Arbitrum network.

Market Details: BOOP/WETH

This new pool offers a unique approach by using market cap instead of price for charting, making it easier to track market movements. The market cap is displayed in USD and dynamically adjusts based on the ETH/USD price fluctuation.

Key Features

  • Market Cap Chart: Market cap is used as chart rather than price for easier charting.
  • Dynamic USD Display: Market cap shown in USD is dynamic, updating with ETH price changes.
  • Realised PnL Caution: Please note, the profit and loss displayed might differ from your actual realised amounts due to price slippage when executing trades.

Boop: A Coin Powered by Pure Dog Joy

Boop ($BOOP) captures the endearing charm of a dog's "boop" — a playful, gentle nose poke that's universally beloved.

Moving beyond the meme coin trends set by frogs and Pepes, Boop stands out with its timeless appeal. It was launched in stealth, with no presale, zero taxes, and its liquidity pool (LP) burnt and contract renounced, truly making it a coin for the people.

Boop is not just another meme coin; it's designed to spread joy across chains. Already available on Arbitrum, Solana, and Base, with plans to expand further, Boop is omnichain and crafted for widespread accessibility.

How to Buy BOOP?

Get your hands on Boop through the Camelot Exchange.

For more about Boop, visit the Boop Website, follow on Twitter, or join the conversation on Telegram.

Join the New Market

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to trade Boop with WETH in our first non-USD pool. Click here to trade now.

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