xSYK is Here!

xSYK is Here!

April 30, 2024


We are thrilled to announce the launch of xSYK, a token that rewards long-term holding and encourages deeper participation in our ecosystem.

Following our launch of SYK token, xSYK enhances your ability to influence governance and increases your staking rewards.


  • Staking Incentives for xSYK
  • Benefits of Governance & Staking
  • Converting SYK to xSYK
  • Conclusion
  • Reference Links

Staking Incentives for xSYK

We are introducing attractive staking incentives for xSYK. By staking your SYK, you are eligible for protocol rewards which are going live in 24 hours.

Automatic Detection of veDPX: If you have veDPX tokens in your wallet, the conversion page will automatically detect them. You will have the options on the bottom right side of the page to convert veDPX to xSYK. veDPX holders need to confirm the 5 transaction within the respective interface to complete the conversion process.

Benefits of Governance and Staking

Converting SYK to xSYK elevates your governance capabilities and rewards you for being an active participant in our ecosystem. This enhanced role allows you to have a significant impact on the direction and success of our platform.

Incentives for Holding xSYK

Holding xSYK tokens provides benefits designed to reward long-term involvement and support the ecosystem's development:

  • Reward Gauges: xSYK holders can direct emission rewards to pools within the ecosystem they believe will benefit most from growth.
  • Enhanced Returns: The incentive system offers higher returns for longer lock-up periods, encouraging alignment with the long-term objectives of the Stryke platform.

Converting SYK to xSYK

Converting your SYK to xSYK is now active. This allows you to play a bigger role in governance and benefit from enhanced staking rewards. Start your conversion to be part of this exciting development.

  1. Visit: https://www.stryke.xyz/xsyk
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Specify the amount of SYK you want to convert and and click the “Convert” button.
Please visit the official Stryke docs here, for a step-by-step walkthrough on SYK to xSYK conversion & xSYK staking.


The launch of xSYK marks a key step forward in enhancing our ecosystem. We appreciate your continued support and are excited to see how our community will use these new opportunities.

Stay updated by following our official channels.

Reference Links

  • Convert SYK to xSYK here.
  • Learn more about xSYK here.
  • Explore the new Stryke docs here.

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