Stryke Reddit AMA with r/Cryptocurrency Recap

Stryke Reddit AMA with r/Cryptocurrency Recap



The Stryke team recently held an AMA with the Reddit r/CryptoCurrency community, sharing insights into current progress and future plans for our protocol.

Take a look at the entire discussion here. This recap highlights the top 10 questions from the AMA, featuring responses from TZ, the founder, and WB, the lead developer.

AMA Recap

Question 1

User Plus_Flow4934 asked: WitherBlock, as an experienced web3 developer, how do you ensure transaction security on the Stryke platform? What future features can users expect?
Response from WB: We conduct multiple internal code reviews and testing phases and also get audits from top firms to secure our contracts. Upcoming features include limit orders for CLAMM, a referral system, reward gauges to utilise xSYK for directing LP emissions on CLAMM, crosschain options trading, and expanded option contract expirations.
To learn more about Stryke’s CLAMM (Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker), click here.

Question 2

User etj103007 asked: Options liquidity is a concern. Does Stryke incentivise liquidity providers? Are there plans for longer option durations beyond the 24-hour expiry, and how does Stryke handle option settlement pricing?
Response from WB: We've offered ARB incentives and are starting SYK emissions for CLAMM LPs. Liquidity in non-utilised periods earns UniswapV3 fees; otherwise, it earns premiums. We're improving our pricing algorithm for better payoffs. Longer expirations are coming soon to allow sophisticated trading while managing LPs' lockup risks. We use UniswapV3 prices to prevent flashloan attacks.
To learn more about Stryke’s native token $SYK, click here.

Question 3

User mbdtf95 asked: What are Stryke's main advantages over other decentralised option platforms? Are there plans to expand the crypto options offered?
Response from TZ: Stryke's onchain, cross-chain protocol simplifies liquidity providing akin to Uniswap V3. It's user-friendly for option traders without complex features. We plan to introduce permission-less option pools across all chains, using $SYK and $xSYK to drive liquidity incentives.

Question 4

User tolgaozek asked: How does integrating Uniswap V3's functionalities benefit Stryke's platform?
Response from WB and TZ: Our CLAMM product integrates Uniswap V3, allowing LPs to earn premiums on top of normal yield and maintain the same risk exposure. This setup benefits traders by offering American-style options and expanding market options like ARB and MNT.
New to trading crypto options? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, head to over docs now.

Question 5

User tolgaozek asked: What technological developments are planned for Stryke? Are there new blockchain functionalities coming?
Response from WB: Our rebrand includes new functionalities for a more efficient crosschain options platform and a user-friendly experience similar to centralised exchanges. We're introducing features like limit orders and Permit2 for easier platform use. A new grant program will support community developers and innovations.

Question 6

User The_Nutcrack asked: Will Stryke increase its market offerings? What are the drawbacks for traders using CLAMM?
Response from TZ: We're expanding our market offerings and moving towards permissionless pool deployment. Currently, traders cannot sell options before expiration, which we plan to address with upcoming OTC markets.

Question 7

User rafakata asked: What differentiates Stryke in the market, and what are your strategies for user retention and education?
Response from TZ: Stryke stands out as the first major onchain, cross-chain options protocol. Our CLAMM product offers high yields and allows third-party integrations. We target both novice and experienced traders, reducing entry barriers with a comprehensive educational page and plans to engage users through simplified processes and market trends.

Question 8

User williaminla asked: Can users trade using their wallets like MetaMask? How does Stryke protect against trading bots?
Response from WB: Stryke supports all EVM-compatible wallets. Our pricing mechanism, based on UniswapV3, prevents issues like sandwich attacks.

Question 9

User emmerScreen asked: Will there be developments similar to SSOVs for CLAMM?
Response from TZ: We're integrating longer durations for CLAMM, based on SSOV concepts. Permissionless CLAMMs would function like deploying a new LP pair on a DEX, requiring a volatility oracle for new markets.

Question 10

User Plus_Flow4934 asked: How does Stryke stand out among decentralised crypto options platforms?
Response from WB: Stryke is unique as the first to build on UniswapV3, offering enhanced yields and maintaining risk profiles similar to traditional LPs.

The AMA session provided a deep dive into Stryke’s strategic approaches, setting the stage for its significant role in the evolving LPDfi ecosystem. Keep an eye on Stryke as we continue to innovate in the crypto options space.

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Stryke is a decentralised options protocol that focuses on maximising liquidity and enhancing gains for option buyers while minimising losses for option writers—all in a passive approach.

Stryke employs option pools that enable anyone to effortlessly earn yield. The protocol provides value to both option sellers and buyers by ensuring equitable and optimised prices for options at various strike prices and expiries, achieved through our proprietary, cutting-edge option pricing model designed to mirror volatility smiles.

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