Stryke's Latest Milestones: Enhancements, Expansions, and Exciting New Markets

July 12, 2024

Since launch, the team has consistently delivered updates to achieve the vision of creating the gold standard in onchain options trading across chains.

Here’s a recap of Stryke’s recent achievements as it continues to realise this goal:

Enhancing our Flagship Product: CLAMM

Key Product Upgrades

Stryke introduced the LP Range Selector, Liquidity Reserve System, Multidex Support, and CLAMM Hooks, significantly improving liquidity management and trading flexibility.

Breaking New Ground with Orange Finance

Collaboration Highlights

Stryke's CLAMM vaults are now operational on Orange Finance, offering auto-rebalancing, auto-withdrawal, and single-asset deposit features. Learn more here:

Onchain Expansion

Expanding our Presence

Stryke has successfully launched on new chains since its inception. These new chains have opened up exciting markets for CLAMM users and brought Stryke to a whole new audience.

We’re committed to growing our onchain presence, and we’re not stopping here. Stay tuned for more announcements as we continue to expand.

New Horizons on Mantle

Benefits for Stryke Users

The integration of Stryke's CLAMM on Mantle introduced new markets for WMNT/USDT and WETH/USDT, enhancing trading strategies and portfolio diversification.

Get started on Mantle here.

Embracing the Meta on Base

New Markets and Meme Coins

Stryke launched on Base first, featuring $BRETT and $DEGEN options. This expansion aligns with the current meta, offering meme coin options across multiple chains.

Trade and provide liquidity for $BRETT and $DEGEN here.

Strategic Partnership with PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap Integration

Stryke has partnered with PancakeSwap, allowing users to trade $ETH, $ARB, and $BTC options directly from PancakeSwap’s interface.

Start trading on PancakeSwap here.

Unveiling the New Stryke Dashboard

Dashboard Features

Stryke’s new power dashboard offers quick PnL analyses, instant access to option pools, customisable windows, TradingView integration for pro charting tools, xSYK conversion, staking, & much more.

Explore the new Stryke dashboard here.

Seamless Migration to $SYK

Migration Highlights

The migration of $DPX and $rDPX to $SYK went live. Users who missed our previous posts can start their migration here. Join the SYK/ETH pools on the Camelot DEX for attractive rewards. If you haven't migrated yet, we encourage you to do so now.

Introducing xSYK for Enhanced Governance and Rewards

Staking and Governance Benefits

Stryke users can now stake $SYK to obtain xSYK. By locking $SYK tokens via. a staking mechanism, xSYK holders gain enhanced governance capabilities and attractive rewards.

Convert your $SYK to xSYK here and learn more about the benefits of holding xSYK here.

Reddit AMA Recap

Key Takeaways

We shared our progress and future plans during a recent AMA with the Reddit r/CryptoCurrency community. Highlights include transaction security, liquidity incentives, market expansion, and user engagement.

In case you missed it, head to the recap summary here.

Expanding with American-Style Weekly Expiries

New Weekly Expiries

Stryke introduced American-style weekly expiries, providing more flexibility for speculators and liquidity providers. Start trading $ARB, $BOOP, $WBTC, $WETH, and more on CLAMM now to capitalise on this new development.

Embracing Meme Coin Madness

$BOOP, $DEGEN, and $BRETT Options

Stryke embraced the meme coin trend, starting with BOOP/WETH options on Arbitrum. These options allow traders to hedge positions and leverage market volatility without liquidation worries.

With CLAMM options, users can hedge against falling prices or leverage up to 100x on rising prices, managing risk and capitalising on volatility.

Trade $BOOP, $DEGEN, and $BRETT options now without any liquidation worries.

STIP Rewards for Liquidity Providers

Rewards Details

We launched STIP rewards, starting with 62,500 $ARB in our pools:

  • WETH/USDC: 28,125 $ARB
  • WBTC/USDC: 15,625 $ARB
  • ARB/USDC: 15,625 $ARB
  • BOOP/WETH: 3,125 $ARB

Claim your rewards at Merkl.

Thank you for being a part of the Stryke journey. Stay tuned for more innovations and updates.

About Stryke

Stryke is a decentralised options protocol that focuses on maximising liquidity and enhancing gains for option buyers while minimising losses for option writers—all in a passive approach.

Stryke employs option pools that enable anyone to effortlessly earn yield. The protocol provides value to both option sellers and buyers by ensuring equitable and optimised prices for options at various strike prices and expiries, achieved through our proprietary, cutting-edge option pricing model designed to mirror volatility smiles.

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