STIP Timeline Extension: Revised $ARB Rewards

STIP Timeline Extension: Revised $ARB Rewards

STIP Timeline Extension: Revised $ARB Rewards


Greetings my beloved readers and welcome to another classic CEO announcement post.

Today we will be discussing the recent passing of the STIP Timeline Extension proposal and what it means for your $ARB rewards as a Dopex power user (in the loosest definition of the term).

These changes will be effective 6pm UTC 22nd December 2023.

Wot mean STIP Extension?

The initial STIP proposal allowed protocols to distribute $ARB rewards up till January 31. The new proposal that recently passed allows protocols to extend the distribution date up till March 31st.

To stay in line with the general incentive environment of the Arbitrum ecosystem, Dopex is electing to extend distribution duration for both CLAMM and rDPX v2.


Wot mean for me?

In addition to these changes, we are making slight adjustments to weightings of distributions for different products based on user activity. This means that the effect really depends on what product you are involved in.

Read on.


Of the 600,000 $ARB allocated to the CLAMM, we have ~315,840 $ARB remaining to be distributed over 100 days.

We will be adjusting incentive weights for each market to the following:

  • ETH/USDC (60%): ~1,895 $ARB/day
  • BTC/USDC (20%): ~632 $ARB/day
  • ARB/USDC (20%): ~632 $ARB/day

Our $ETH market is our highest activity market so we thought “you know what bozo lets absolutely yoke the liquidity here and do what needs to be done”.


(Indeed, since the distribution duration is extending users may experience a slight reduction in the mid triple digit APRs they have been enjoying for the past few months.)

rDPX v2

Of the 900,000 $ARB allocated to rDPX v2, we have ~604,284 $ARB remaining to be distributed over 72 days.

We will be adjusting incentive weights for each market to the following:

  • rtETH staking (61.02%): ~5,121 $ARB/day
  • PPV staking (20.23%): ~1,698 $ARB/day
  • rDPX staking (18.75%): ~1,574 $ARB/day

In addition to the above, rtETH and rDPX stakers will also be receiving yield from the AMO profits and redemption fees (to be distributed in equivalent $ARB) and vlCVX voting incentives (to be distributed in $ETH).

  • rtETH staking → 25% of total revenue
  • rDPX staking → 75% of total revenue

How did CEO come up with these breakdowns?

No idea, I just copied it from a spreadsheet!

Closing Comments

Yet another incredible community update by the greatest content writer of his generation.

Until next time, my beloved readers.

Warm regards,


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