Elevating DeFi: Stryke & Orange Finance Unite

Elevating DeFi: Stryke & Orange Finance Unite

February 29, 2024


Turning challenges into opportunities: Orange Finance revolutionises liquidity management with Stryke CLAMM vaults.

Stryke (formerly Dopex) CLAMM vaults are now operational on Orange Finance, marking a significant milestone in automated liquidity management for the DeFi ecosystem.


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Orange Finance stands out as an Automated Liquidity Manager (ALM) that leverages existing DeFi protocol liquidity pools. It introduces advanced, automated strategies for hedging, rebalancing, and optimizing liquidity, all while maintaining full transparency and on-chain execution.


Explore Orange Finance's innovative platform and deepen your understanding through these essential resources:

  • dApp: Experience Orange Finance’s automated liquidity management.
  • Docs: Understand the features and functionality driving the platform.


Through the collaboration: Stryke (formerly Dopex) users can now contribute liquidity to Orange's new CLAMM vaults (currently active for WETH/USDC initially). What does this mean for you, our users?

  • Auto-rebalancing: Adjust liquidity to maintain a +/- 2.0% range from the spot price, maximising your returns and STIP rewards.
  • Auto-withdrawal: Access immediate liquidity withdrawal, bypassing potential lock-ups due to constant high utilisation. Positions that cannot be burned will be returned to users in the form of the Stryke LP tokens.
  • Single Asset Deposit: You no longer need 2 assets to deposit. Orange finance will provide a mechanism that pools the deposited asset within the vault, and it will be collectively supplied to Stryke pools through batch transactions in the next cycle.


In light of this new partnership, Orange Finance is hosting a series of events to reward our community's engagement and creativity.

Event 01: The Spaceship

  • Participate in The Spaceship for a chance to win a share of 37,500 $ARB.
  • Top 50 CLAMM LPs will benefit during this 4-week event, with rewards unlocking at $3m TVL.
  • A further 25,000 $ARB awaits if $5m TVL is reached, totaling up to 62,500 $ARB.

Event 02: Sharpen Your Pens

  • Join Sharpen Your Pens, where the top 3 content creators will win 1,500, 1,000, and 500 $USDC.
  • Entries should cover Stryke’s (formerly Dopex) CLAMM.
  • Mention The Spaceship event.
  • Tag @0xOrangeFinance and @dopex_io on Twitter.
  • Share the link in “#twitter-content-creator“ channel on Orange’s Discord.
  • Make sure to submit your applications by 0:00 UTC 2nd March!


The Stryke (formerly Dopex) and Orange Finance partnership ushers a new era of efficiency and user-centric innovations in DeFi liquidity provision.

We're thrilled to see how these advancements will enhance the landscape for our community. Join us in embracing this exciting journey towards streamlined liquidity management and strategic DeFi engagement.

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