New Dawn in Cross-Chain Options Trading: Stryke x PancakeSwap

New Dawn in Cross-Chain Options Trading: Stryke x PancakeSwap

April 8, 2024


As the DeFi world keeps spinning faster, we're all about breaking new ground and making options trading as seamless as possible. Stryke is here to shake things up, and we're doing it by teaming up with some of the biggest names out there. This next move? good-old PancakeSwap.


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PancakeSwap, is one of the largest decentralised exchanges (DEXs), renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive ecosystem. It stands as a cornerstone in the DeFi space, facilitating seamless trading, farming, and staking experiences across multiple networks.


Dive into the world of PancakeSwap and Stryke’s innovative collaboration with these essential links:


In an ambitious move to expand our horizons, Stryke partners with PancakeSwap to spearhead our cross-chain initiative, marking a pivotal step towards establishing a hub for options trading across chains. This collaboration allows PancakeSwap users to trade options initially on Arbitrum, via. CLAMM.


This partnership is not just about bridging two platforms; it’s a leap towards redefining options trading in the DeFi space. Here’s what this means:

  • Premium Earning: Liquidity providers on PancakeSwap, when their funds are used for option purchases, earn premiums even when the liquidity is out of range.
  • Swap Fee Earnings: Unutilised liquidity isn’t idle; it earns regular swap fees, ensuring a win-win scenario.
  • Utilisation Trigger: Liquidity gets utilised for options when the price falls within a predetermined range, maximising earning potential for LPs.
  • Supported Tokens: As a result of the collab, PancakeSwap users can now trade ETH and ARB options.
  • Launch Timeline: PancakeSwap users can start trading ETH or ARB options immediately, as the integration is NOW LIVE.


Diving deeper, a standout feature of this partnership is the unique way users will trade options: directly from the PancakeSwap interface.

Seamless Integration

This integration represents a pioneering move for Stryke’s CLAMM, effectively blending it into the PancakeSwap environment. You can try it out here:


Refined User Experience

This approach not only maintains the user experience PancakeSwap traders are accustomed to but also significantly widens the accessibility of options trading.

User Onboarding

As a result of the integration, over 1.3 Million users will now have access to options product’s powered by Stryke’s CLAMM from PancakeSwap.


Increased Options Trading Volume & CLAMM Liquidity

Through the new options offering PancakeSwap is expected to gain significant options trading volume while contributing to improved CLAMM Liquidity.

Future Potential

This breakthrough sets a precedent for future endeavours, hinting at more integrations that will seamlessly bring short term option trading solutions to familiar platforms. Our goal is to keep broadening the access to advanced options trading, making it a smooth and intuitive experience for a larger audience.


As we bridge the gap with PancakeSwap, this collaboration isn’t just about connecting platforms; it’s about enhancing user experience and accessibility.

By embedding Stryke’s CLAMM options trading directly into the PancakeSwap interface, we’re not only expanding the options trading landscape but also ensuring it’s effortlessly accessible to everyone.

This venture marks a significant step forward in our journey, promising a future where advanced trading tools are just a click away within the platforms you already love and trust. Join us as we pave the way for a more interconnected and user-friendly cross chain Options Trading ecosystem.

Our community can expect more integration announcements in coming weeks, as we progress towards the realisation of Stryke’s cross chain vision. Stay tuned to our official channels for more details.

Trade/LP options on PancakeSwap Here.

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Stryke is a decentralised options protocol that focuses on maximising liquidity and enhancing gains for option buyers while minimising losses for option writers—all in a passive approach.

Stryke employs option pools that enable anyone to effortlessly earn yield. The protocol provides value to both option sellers and buyers by ensuring equitable and optimised prices for options at various strike prices and expiries, achieved through our proprietary, cutting-edge option pricing model designed to mirror volatility smiles.

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