Sentiment Check: Roadmap Update

Sentiment Check: Roadmap Update

Sentiment Check: Roadmap Update


Greetings beloved community members and welcome to a classic Dopex, dare we say, ‘Sentiment Check’.

After what can only be called a tumultuous few weeks, we believe it is now a good time to highlight what we will be focusing on for the next few months.

Read on, people.

rDPX v2

Locked Single-Sided Staking

Our beloved developoors (poor in the literal sense now) are working on a locked single-sided staking vault for $rDPX.

Stakers will have the option to lock $rDPX for a duration of 1 week to 1 month, with longer duration locks equating to higher rewards. Rewards will be sourced from:

  • $ARB STIP - XXX $ARB which is redirected from $rtETH stakers
  • Rewards from Dopex’s protocol-owned vlCVX
  • Redemption fees
  • Protocol revenue

Zap-in Bonding

We will also be introducing zap-in bonding directly via the rDPX v2 UI.

This will allow users to bring just $WETH to bond into $rtETH (the contract will swap for $rDPX in the back-end).

One-click access to giga yoked synthetic yield-bearing $ETH with HASTE!


We’ve heard your feedback about not prioritizing optimizing existing products so we have decided to take on your feedback about the CLAMM to turn it into the killer option engine that we all want it to be.

Here are some updates to look forward to (of course pending development time and audits).

Range LPing

While the CLAMM is built on top of v3 AMMs, the current UI does not support deposits of range position.

We will be prioritizing this to remove friction between standard v3 LPs to drive deeper liquidity into the CLAMM product. See below for some UI mock-ups.


Exciting times indeed.


You are a CLAMM LP accumulatooor-ing premiums and $ARB rewards but you really just want to withdraw your liquidity and rebalance. However, due to permanent 100% utilization, your liquidity has been locked for what feels like a lifetime.

The auto-withdrawal function will allow LPs to signal their liquidity for withdrawal, locking it from being utilized when it next expires. This will allow our beloved LPs to remove liquidity at their own leisure without being TRAPPED into earning premiums and rewards.

Max-time Lock

Auto-withdrawals not flexible enough for you?

The max-time lock function will allow CLAMM LPs to define a maximum amount of time they are providing liquidity for. After this duration ends, there liquidity will be removed to allow LPs to remove immediately!

This is the first step in transitioning CLAMMs from an intra-day option product to one that can support longer time frame positions.

Truly incredible.

Switch Rebalance


Orange Finance Integration

Gone are the days of manual CLAMM rebalancing, our friends and Orange Finance are in the dungeon building an automated liquidity manager for our finest product.

Depositors on Orange Finance will have their positions automatically rebalanced to within 2.5% of the spot price, ensuring liquidity remains in range for rewards. They will also have a function to automatically withdraw liquidity whenever it is unutilized.

Orange is currently in the process of testing and auditing - we shall provide a timeline as soon as possible.

/New_Protocol/ Builds on Dopex

If you have been using Dopex since the launch of CLAMM, you may have noticed a peculiar little pepita holding a camera in the top right corner.


This beautiful little frog is in fact a visual indicator that you, our beloved user, have been so-called “photographed” for all activity on Dopex. For what, you ask?

Well, there is yet another protocol building on Dopex for which active users will be receiving a little something something. Stay tuned for more updates on this as well.

Closing Comments

Sentiment has been checked and a provisional roadmap has been covered.

No matter - back to the cooler for your ever so exhausted CEO.

Until next time, beloved readers.

Warm regards,



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