CLAMM: Claiming $ARB rewards via Merkl

CLAMM: Claiming $ARB rewards via Merkl

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Good mnueenis my beloved readers,

If you are reading this you are providing liquidity for the Dopex CLAMM and may be eligible for a share in 600k total $ARB rewards.

Today we will show you how to claim these rewards via the Merkl website.

1. Provide liquidity on the CLAMM

The first thing you have to do is provide liquidity on the CLAMM - please refer to this walkthrough here if you have not done so already.


You are eligible for CLAMM incentives if you are within a +/- 2.5% range of the current spot price.


Eligible liquidity is denoted by the $ARB logo in the right-hand column.

2. Go to the Merkl website

Go to the Merkl website here and you will see a full list of pools that are receiving incentives.


Connect your wallet (make sure it is the same wallet you are LPing on the CLAMM for) and it should bring the pools you have interacted with to the top.

3. Claim your rewards

You will see that there are two ‘Claim’ buttons on the front-end.


If you wish to claim rewards from a single pool, click ‘Claim’ and sign the corresponding transactions. If you wish to claim rewards from all Merkl positions, click ‘Claim all’ and sign the corresponding transactions.

It should look something like this:


Congratulations, you have successfully claimed your CLAMM rewards via Merkl!

Closing Comments

CLAMMeenis → Claimeenis

Warm regards,


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