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Here is another edition of This month in Dopex.

July has been a particularly tough month for crypto markets especially with all the news with large centralized institutions going bankrupt, which left many users without their crypto. These unfortunate events have been sending shockwaves across all ecosystems, but also strengthen the need for decentralized counterparts of applications and instruments that give users flexibility on how to utilize their assets, without the risk of being unable to withdraw assets.

Proud to say that here at Dopex, we’re building a suite of decentralized products that anyone can use.

So without further ado, here are our newest updates for the month

1. Dopex developments



Approximately 1 month has passed since we deployed veDPX and it has not been slowing down. We started July with having only 20.5k DPX staked for veDPX. Now, the numbers have more than doubled, as there are now 54.6k DPX staked for governance.

What will these numbers be like when more products are released or when the revenue sharing model is released?

Stay tuned for the next few weeks.

SSOVs have been bootstrapped


Another month has passed, another SSOV epoch has gone leaving our users with more yield and more knowledgeable on the advantages of using dopex options.

We've seen a number of users profit from the volatile ending of July with markets rallying.

If you have been sidelined during that period, it's probably a good time to learn about options and start using our SSOVs. All information on our SSOVs can be found in Dopex Academy.

We have also bootstrapped our August weekly and monthly vaults, so get a head start and write options or purchase calls and puts.

Expiries: Weekly - August 5, 2022; Monthly - August 26, 2022

The ETH Speciale


Aside from the regular vaults, this month we’re giving everyone the opportunity to write and purchase options for post-merge ETH. If you’re feeling bullish on the merge feel free to speculate using our ETH speciale vault, which will run until September 30, 2022.

IROVs making noise



The pUSD IRO vault made a lot of noise the past week due to JPEG not bribing for gauge rewards. Put buyers, especially those who bought $30 puts have seen massive profits due to the expected decrease in interest rates for the month.

Pitch Money also wrote about their own strategy on how to leverage the IROVs to their benefit. You can read the full article here.

Dopex on SushiXSwap


Did you ever have that itch of buying $DPX, but you can’t because your assets are on another chain?

Well, $DPX is now able on SushiXSwap, which allows you to buy $DPX from any supported chain in just a few clicks without leaving their UI.

Visit the official SushiXSwap website and start satisfying your itch.

What’s next for Dopex


As you can see, Dopex has been steadily shipping decentralized products that everyone can use for extra yield or profit on their assets. We have the SSOVs, IROs, TzWAP and OTC platforms working and ready for you to utilize.

In the following weeks, we will be releasing the highly anticipated Atlantic vaults and will be adding more SSOVs for our dopefam to use. Dopex will also be undergoing a UI upgrade that will improve user experience and make it easier for you to take positions on Dopex.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about each product you can visit Dopex Academy, where you can find everything related to our products.

2. Partner Highlights

Our partners have also been very busy this July and have been continuously shipping upgrades on their protocol and products.

JonesDAO getting a UI refresh



Jones DAO has been constantly improving their dapp and their vault strategies. Their refreshed app now includes the historical APY overview graph, combined yield statistics and expanded copy for new users to understand how the vaults work.

Did I also mention that they have approximately 1.5% of all rDPX in their vault earning a 4.51% APY?

Consider depositing to Jones DAO vaults if you want to be exposed to institutional grade strategies.

If you are interested in how they come up with these strategies, tune in to their recurring Hats Off Strategy Discussions, where the strategy team goes into technicals, macro, strategy and all things about markets.

Plutus DAO is accumulating $DPX and $JONES


Since the launch of PlutusDAO, it has accumulated almost 11% of all circulating DPX and has converted into plsDPX. Because of this, they have over 49% of all circulating veDPX that gives them almost majority of the governance for Dopex. Users who have exposure to their governance token $PLS now control 0.31 veDPX for every 100 $PLS.

Moreover, what we’re really waiting on for Plutus is when their liquidity pools for plsDPX will open. This will signal the beginning of liquid staking of DPX and should be attracting serious interest for more builders to build on top of Plutus and Dopex.

3. Diamond Pepes


CEO and the board have been busy with the upcoming Gen 2 mint but had extra time to create this beautiful piece of art.

As CEO mentioned in his company reports, Gen 2 mint is just around the corner as the company is just finalizing mint details, mechanics and the application UI.

Patience, lads.

Gen 2 mint will be legendary.

Check out Diamond Pepes Company reports for the complete articles.

4. Call for community contributors


Last month, we had a number of insightful community token analyst articles written by Froganoff, Donuts_itm and bowtiedpronghorn.

Each article had its own token analysis and own strategy based on current conditions of the markets.

If you want to learn more from our excellent analyst, visit our blog for the complete list of CAS articles.

On the other hand, we’re also looking for new analysts to write token analysts!

Click here for more information.

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