THE WEEKLY ROUND UP: 08/08-14/08

THE WEEKLY ROUND UP: 08/08-14/08

THE WEEKLY ROUND UP: 08/08-14/08

The Weekly Round Up brings you the latest news you need to know about Dopex.

GM Dopefam!

Welcome to the weekly round up where we talk about the latest news and happenings in the Dopex Ecosystem

Every week, we analyze and summarize each event to help you stay in the loop.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


  • 30.87% of DPX circulating supply (around 62.9k) is currently locked locked at an average time of 3.06 years as veDPX and is earning 31.48% APY through our boosted veDPX farm
  • PlutusDAO has surpassed 50% share of all veDPX at 52.01% as it has max locked over 24k DPX or approximately 39% of all DPX staked in the vault.


In case you’re living under a rock and missed the first Atlantic Straddle epoch, let us give you a quick rundown of what happened.

  • We had a total of $89,910 worth of AS deposits
  • When purchasing began, it only took less than 7 minutes for all the options to sell out
  • After three days, both AS writers and buyers made #RealYield profits

Here’s a tweet from 0xSaitama depicting the approximate overall PnL for both AS writers and depositors


As you can see, the first Epoch was a huge success and a glimpse of how Atlantic Straddles can be applied to numerous DeFi strategies.

Still not convinced?

We have several articles for you to read, so you can gain a better understanding on how Atlantic Straddles work.


The so-called premier Layer 2 governance blockhole protocol, PlutusDAO, is making big moves.

Instead of solely focusing on acquiring governance tokens from reputable protocols, they have developed Plutus Vaults with the goal of enhancing yield and simplifying user experience.

Their first product will be built on top of GLP in collaboration with GMX.

Here’s a short summary of how it will work:

  • GLP will be deposited in a vault to mint plvGLP
  • Plutus will be the one to compound esGMX rewards
  • GLP depositors will enjoy higher rewards via optimization and staking rewards for plvGLP stakers

Exciting times ahead for Plutus and we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleevesRead their full article on Plutus Vaults here.



CEO and the board are getting closer to deploying the Gen 2 mint

This week they released the Duel UI Walkthrough where you can learn how to navigate through the app when it goes live.



Photo taken from @Mithical_io

Samis are once again up to no good.

A few days ago, they announced an absolutely insane collaboration with HologramLabs where their Mithical PFP series (minting on 4th week of August) will be brought to life with 2D PFPs

So what is so special with these Holograms?

If you are to mint one of these Samis, you will be able to become your NFT on video-chatting app (e.g. Google meets or Discord), stream as your NFT, and so much more!

Be sure to join their discord community to keep yourself updated for the final mint schedule.

You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

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