THE WEEKLY ROUND UP: 01/08-07/08

THE WEEKLY ROUND UP: 01/08-07/08

THE WEEKLY ROUND UP: 01/08-07/08

The Weekly Round Up brings you the latest news you need to know about Dopex.

GM Dopefam!

Welcome to the weekly round up where we talk about the latest news and happenings in the Dopex Ecosystem

Every week, we analyze and summarize each event to help you stay in the loop.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


  • 29.32% of DPX circulating supply (around 58.8k) is currently locked locked at an average time of 3.08 years asveDPX and is earning 29.32% APY through our boosted veDPX farm
  • PlutusDAO has the lion’s share of all veDPX at 49.52% as it has max locked over 22.2k DPX or approximately 38% of all DPX staked in the vault.


ICYMI, we have bootstrapped our SSOVs and IROVs, see the images below for a summary of strikes prices and corresponding expiry dates.

Please note that our weekly call vaults are currently undergoing optimizations, and that all call SSOVs are monthly and all put SSOVs are weekly for now.



Our partners over at JonesDAO have been busy creating another vault with institutional-grade strategy imbued in it called “Metavaults”

These metavaults are described to be a powerful new type of vault that allow users to provide liquidity on popular asset pairs while automatically hedging or levering price action on the underlying assets.

So how does it work?

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Users will deposit $DPX or rDPX LP tokens to the Metavault of their choice
  • These depositors must determine their market sentiment and then deposit to either bullish (leveraged) or bearish (hedged) vaults
  • Jones strategist will then implement strategies depending on the vault
  • Vaults are similarly designed to weekly epochs but the difference is that assets deposited are added to the following epoch.

These vaults not only bring additional yield for users, the product itself has a positive impact on Dopex SSOV utilization.

These are all interesting, so if you have more questions.

Read the whole article written by Jones’ very own Shreddy.



On August 6, 2022, PlutusDAO bootstrapped their plsAsset LP pools that makes your plsDPX and plsJones liquid by allowing you to switch between the two assets. To encourage more liquidity providers, staking rewards in the form of $PLS were also turned on. Talk about earning more incentives on top of assets you’re bullish on.

A question that comes into mind is how will this directly affect emissions especially private TGE participants have started vesting their tokens. Their recently released a Tokenomics V2 article tries to answer this question.

Here’s a summary of the article:

  • Given the changing nature of DeFi, PlutusDAO has experienced explosive growth with new assets and partners on its way, they have decided to update their tokenomics in two phases
  • Phase 1: Emission rebalancing. PlutusDAO will be rebalancing emissions between plsAsset pools and plsAssets to more acceptable and healthy levels with a total liquidity mining reward reduction of 28.75%
  • Phase 2: vlPLS. Replacing all forms of $PLS locking, vote-locked PLS will allow lockers to be one step closer to receiving yield through bribes.


For the previous week, we have released a few articles ranging from Diamond pepe updates, introduction to Atlantic straddles, and an explainer of the new SSOV V3 checkpoint system.

If you want to read and learn more, here are the links to the articles:

With all the new products and protocol upgrades, safe to say that there is nothing that can stop Team Dopex from building.

About Dopex

Dopex is a decentralized options protocol that aims to maximize liquidity, minimize losses for option writers and maximize gains for option buyers — all in a passive manner. Dopex uses option pools to allow anyone to earn a yield passively. Offering value to both option sellers and buyers by ensuring fair and optimized option prices across all strike prices and expiries. This is thanks to our own innovative and state-of-the-art option pricing model that replicates volatility smiles.

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