🍾 Dopex turns 1 on the 24th of June and we are happy to announce we'll be celebrating this occasion with you! 🎉

What is a birthday without bday cards?! ..Wait…..stop! Erase the thought of lame 'e-card wishes' from your mind right now. We are asking you to send us cool amazing creations of artwork featuring our favorite characters from the Dopex universum including: our Hat friends (Jones), Samis (Mithical), Cigar smoking JPEG'd chads and fav planet Plutus. That's right, we're tasking you to create a small comic strip using Diamond Pepes and/or the other ecosystem characters for us!

But.. what is a comic strip you may ask?Here's an example:


But there is no birthday without presents right? RIGHT?!

So…that's why we'll be gifting the top 10 skits a prize - keep reading for more info:****

Task: Create a small skit in the form of a comic (max of 4-6 frames) with the overarching theme being 'birthday'. Incorporate your favorite characters from Diamond Pepes and/or our ecosystem partners JPEG'd, Jones, Mithical and Plutus! 

Dates: The deadline for submitting your work is on 21st June 2022 4pm UTC. The winners will be revealed on the 24th June in the Dopex Discord.

📝 Rules:

  • Max of 4-6 frames.
  • You have full creative freedom to incorporate any characters. However, you must include a Diamond Pepe in your comic and are incentivized (read below) to include characters from the Dopex ecosystem projects like JPEG'd, Jones, Mithical and Plutus. Naturally, the more characters you use from within these communities, the higher your chance of winning!
  • General queries related to this competition can be discussed on the #birthday-general channel on Discord.gg/dopex.
  • Submissions must be made on the #birthday-celebration channel only for them to be considered.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed. However, only one entry per user will be considered. (Please ping a mod if you want to overwrite your first submission).

🏆 How to win: It's okay if you're not a photoshop god or the funniest (wo)man in the room - any entry where people have put in (some) effort will be considered. Just make sure you get yourself familiar with at least paint or any other online image editing software.

The 10 best entries will be selected across the following segments:

  • Best comic according to the Dopex team
  • Best comic according to the CEO of Diamond Pepes pty ltd.
  • Best comic according to the Mithical team
  • Best comic according to the Jones team
  • Best comic according to the Plutus team
  • Best comic according to the JPEG'd team
  • Most odd comic
  • Most hideous (but beautiful to us) comic
  • 2x Random entry wins

🎁 Prizes: A committee of chads from the team + our ecosystem will be judging and deciding the winners. The prizes are:

Dopex will be rewarding each winner of the top 10 entries a total of 10 $rDPX tokens. On top of this there will be additional prizes from the team specific picks 🔥

  • Dopex: 1 $DPX for the best Dopex comic
  • Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd: 1x gen2 NFT for the best Diamond Pepe comic
  • Mithical: 1x Sami NFT for the best Mithical comic
  • Jones: 10 $rDPX worth of $JONES + exclusive merch for the best Jones comic
  • Plutus: 10 $rDPX worth of $PLS for the best Plutus comic
  • JPEG'd: 400 USD worth of $JPEG for the best JPEG'd comic

🐤 Feel free to share your work on Twitter to increase your odds of being noticed by our judges amongst the hundreds of other submissions. Together with our ecosystem partners we may also amplify (RT) your submission(s)!

📂 To make the task easier for you, we've included links to resources that will be helpful in making up your comics. Use these images/templates to help you create the best comics.

🗣 If there are any specific character(s) you'd like to request feel free to ask in the #birthday-general channel in the Dopex Discord.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and show us your best comics!

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