A step-by-step guide on how to bond with your Bridgoors.

To learn more about the Dopex Bridgoor bonding program, see our article: The Bridgoors Bonding Program


  • Gas feesDopex is built on the Arbitrum network and thus requires native $ETH for gas fees
  • Bridgoor NFTOnly Bridgoor NFT owners can bond. It’s possible to acquire one using the TofuNFT marketplace: -> Dopex Bridgoor NFT items -
  • USDCUSDC will be the first stablecoin that users will be able to bond with. Before everyone asks, yes, Dopex will launch more alternatives further out.

Numbers displayed in the pictures below are random and for demonstration purposes*


1- The first step is to visit our DApp (Make sure to connect your wallet to the Arbitrum network)


2- Once landed on the main Dopex page, if you look at the top left corner, you will see a DPX Bonds link, click on it.


3- The Main Bonding page should appear with all the data that is needed to start bonding. Before going over the details, if you haven’t already, connect your wallet to the website using one of these buttons.


4- *NOTE. Before purchasing a Bridgoor NFT, you can use the “Check Eligibility” button to verify if the seller already had used the bonding mechanism since it’s only Onetime per NFT each Epoch


To verify it, you will need the “ID” number of the Bridgoor NFT. You can find this # by going on Dopex Bridgoor NFT items - and clicking on the “info” tab on any of NFT's that are for sale.


After clicking "info", you will find a 2 to 3 digit unique number in the “token ID” column, which we will use to check eligibility. Now let's go back to the website, click the “Check Eligibility” button, and input the ID Number. Voilà, you now know if the NFT has been bonded (Used) this epoch.

5- Proceeding, you will need the precise amount of USDC that is accepted for that Epoch in your wallet to start the bonding process. Once you have USDC in your wallet, press the “bond” button to open up the bonding interface.


6- Here, you will be able to see all the bonding details, including vesting terms (1 week in the example below), discount % (20%), and oracle price.

To start bonding, approve the Bridgoor NFT and USDC txs and then deposit the amount of USDC required. Then, end the process by simply bonding by using the blue bar at the bottom of the interface for one last txs.


Be sure to have enough $ETH to cover gas fees for three txs 1- Confirming the Bridgoor NFT 2- Confirming USDC spending and 3- Sending USDC.

Good job! You have successfully bonded with Dopex! You should now receive your vested discounted $DPX in 1 week, and your Bridgoor should regain admission to bonding again next epoch (1 month susceptible to change)

As always, our discord is open to any questions and if there are any issues, please don’t hesitate to #open-a-ticket. Our incredible moderators will be more than happy to help out!

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