Treasury Update - February 2023

Treasury Update - February 2023


As always, a booba, a groppa, and a nueenis to all others

For followers of the CEO on twitter, you would be well aware consistency is key. To pay homage to our valiant leader, I, the CFO, not to be confused with the CEO, shall follow in the king’s footsteps and be consistent in Dopex’s financial transparency.

Onward and upwards to another thrilling installment of Dopex’s Treasury Report for the month of February 2023!


This report is based on Dopex’s protocol-owned wallets which can be found at the following addresses:

● 0x04e38cdc3559fe6d91291cf4084d16340e4b585f

● 0x7d6fadb02e70bfb6325cfd6ec5605e552115aa76

● 0xb8689b7910954bf73431f63482d7dd155537ea7e

● 0x2fa6f21ecfe274f594f470c376f5bdd061e08a37

● 0x738ee36d7b860cefff526553e28a2b8928de4483

● 0x0a95222b5ed8690a0279993e63903687536ccecd

These have been masterfully compiled in this Zapper profile here for your ease of perusal.

As per usual, some funds have been added or omitted from the protocol balances for the following reasons:


MM funds

We have funds deployed to external MMs amounting to 1,043 $DPX, 79 $ETH, 19k $USDT, and 300k $USDC (~$800k USD at time of writing). Note that 780 $DPX and ~320k in stablecoins have been added for the purpose of our new CEX listings.


Written Options

We have funds deployed to write AP Perp and AP Straddle positions from the 0x7d6 account amounting to 580,000 $USDC (an increase of $70k since our previous report).

Source: Yo uhh hmm


Dust Amounts

Various dust amounts from our vlCVX rewards have been omitted to minimize my work load.


See attached for account balance as at 28 February 2023 (Australia time of course).


Nearly 10,000,000 (ten million) Biden Bucks to finance operations?Excluding the immense Diamond Pepes treasury?

Truly exceptional.

For a nice little pie chart of breakdown per asset, please see below:


Ah yes. Interdasting indeed.

Financially secure due to the high quality risk management by the CEO (Chief Executive Officer, not to be confused with I, Chief Education Officer).


This month, as with every month, has seen a solid performance in our treasury assets, with our treasury balance (excluding $DPX holdings) realizing MoM growth of 3.64%. This growth can largely be attributed to price appreciation across the Cryptographic Currency space throughout the month.

Notable balance changes include a sale of ~44k $CRV (from $CVX farming rewards) and a drawdown in stablecoin holdings of around 70k USD.


Another high quality Treasury Report for Dopex and it is evident that The Company is in sound financial health to keep on keeping on.

Incredible.Exceptional.Quite so.

Until next time, my budding accountants.

Warm regards,

CFO (not to be confused with CEO)


Mhmm so you add the four, carry the one and then apply the inverse constant product formula and that's how I met your mother.

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