Concise walkthrough of the Duel UI by I, Nutorito, The Most Esteemed CEO's personal assistant. All glory to the Company!

Good mnueenis everyone.

My name is Nutorito and I am our esteemed CEO Nutoro’s cute, helpful, and otherwise exceptionally lovable personal assistant.

Today I will be taking you through a tour of the UI for Gen 2 Dueling. After this walkthrough you should be familiar with:

  1. Navigating the Duel Pepes main page
  2. Creating a Duel
  3. Challenging a Duel

This is an explainer for how to participate in dueling rather than how duel outcomes are settled. To understand how duels are settled, please refer to our Duel Mechanics Explainer although we will give a brief runthrough below.

Now you might be asking me:

“Oh, my dear Nutorito. Why are you showing us how to duel when Gen 2 isn’t even released yet?”

Oh? My dear colleagues. Well, what if knowing how to duel would be a prerequisite for minting?

A proverbial duel mint, mayhaps?

Perhaps I have said too much already!



The Duel Pepes main page is conveniently separated into three primary sections. Let’s take a quick through each before jumping into creating our own duel.

Introduction and Create Duel


This first section gives the reader a little overview of what Duel Pepes are. You can also follow the links to learn how to mint Gen 2 pepes, how duels work (i.e. duel mechanics), and also access our beloved CEO’s Twitter; his most active platform for official communications.

There are also two very important buttons for those that want to participate in dueling:

  1. Create Duel: This will open a series of prompts that will allow you to create a duel.
  2. Find Duel: This will allow you to search for duels created by other duelists. If you find a duelist you wish to challenge, click ‘duel’ to initiate the challenge.

Active and Recent Duels


The second section is ‘Your Active and Recent Duels’ - the title itself is self-explanatory. Of note, it showcases your match history (wins, losses, wager amounts, moves used, and opponents), and any duels you currently have open.

A quick readthrough here can take you down memory lane of the foes you vanquished and the challengers that were just too powerful.

All Duels


The final section is ‘All Duels’. This allows you to view the match history of all players, both currently open and already finished.

Clicking ‘Open’ will allow you to view all currently open duels. This allows you to challenge duelists with ease.

Clicking ‘Finished’ will allow you to view the match history of all duelists (wins, losses, wagers amounts, moves used, and opponents)

If you want to fight or look up the match history of a specific person or match, a user’s Duel ID or ETH Address can be put into the search bar to find this information with ease.


Now that you know how to navigate the main page, let’s go through the process of creating a duel.

Step 1: Click on “Create Duel”


From the first section of the main page, click on “Create Duel”


That will open the “Create Duel” screen where you will be able to choose the wager amount, select your challenger, and select your moves to create a duel.

Step 2: Select Wager Amount

Let’s select our wager amount first.


Clicking on the drop-down button will show all the tokens you can use to wager on your duels.


Once you are happy with your wager token, enter the amount of the token you wish to wager.


In this example, you have successfully input 7.13 ETH as your wager amount.

Step 3: Select your duelist

Next thing you need to do is select your challenger. Go ahead and click the “+” icon


This will open up your collection of NFTs that have been whitelisted for dueling by Diamond Pepe governance.


Let’s go ahead and select one of our handsome little nuggets.


Exceptional work!

Step 4: Select your moves

Now here is where the strategy comes into play - selecting your moves. Let’s click on that big “+” icon.


You will be taken to the “Select Moves” screen, allowing you to select a total of 5 moves out of a choice of 4 different moves. Each move can be selected twice per duel except for special which can only be selected once.


Kick, special, punch, block, block. An incredibly well-rounded and strategic use of moves. Nice work, duelist!


Each move has different attributes ranging from damage, guaranteed damage, and defence as indicated by the dots underneath the move icon. For a full walkthrough of how duels are meant to play out, please check out our Duel Mechanic Walkthrough - as a brief run down, we have:

  • Punch: 1 guaranteed damage (is not blocked by block)
  • Kick: 2 damage (fully blocked by block)
  • Special: 3 damage (fully blocked by block)
  • Block: Blocks 3 damage (i.e. fully blocks kick and special; does not affect punch)

Step 5: Sign your transaction and create duel

Now that you have selected your wager amount, challenger, and moves, please double-check to confirm everything is fine and dandy.


If all is correct, click create and sign the transaction in your wallet.

Once your duel is created, it should turn up in your “Active and Recent Duels” on the main page.


The previous section taught you how to create duels, which will open a duel that other budding duelists can challenge. The process of challenging a duel is identical to the process when you “Create Duel” except you do NOT need to select a wager amount. This is because the creating duelist’s wager is automatically matched when you challenge their duel.

To challenge an open duel, you must navigate to the “All Duels” section at the bottom of the main page.


Go ahead and click on the “Duel” button beside the open duel you wish to challenge, making sure you are happy to match their wager amount. This will open the “Find Duel” screen.


As you can see, the wager amount is pre-set according to the amount selected by the duelist you have chosen to challenge.

Go ahead and repeat Steps 3 to 5 as per the “Create Duel” walkthrough.


Once your duel has been completed, a prompt will be sent to your opponent to reveal their moves to crown a winner. The creating duelist must reveal their moves within 12 hours or their wager will be forfeited. We will be opening the appropriate channels on the Dopex Discord so you can match up with your opponents if desired to make sure this will not be an issue.


Thank you to all my faithful readers for taking the time to peruse this cheeky little UI explainer.

As you may have guessed already, we will be integrating dueling as an additional mechanism for minting Gen 2 Diamond Pepes!

Please stay tuned as we release our whitelisting rules/communities as well as the full duel mint mechanics.

Until next time, colleagues!

Kind regards,


CEO’s Personal Assistant

Grade 2 Pen License | Qualified Barista


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