We do a lil' whitelisting. Read on, people!

Good mnueenis everyone,

My name is Nutorito, our Most Esteemed CEO Nutoro’s cute, helpful, and otherwise exceptionally lovable personal assistant.

Today I will be explaining how you, our favorite reader, can secure themselves a whitelist spot for early entry into our Gen 2 Duel Mint.

Read on, colleagues!


If you are reading this you would have come from Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd’s recent Tweet Thread announcing the announcement of our official whitelisted communities. Every day or so, a new tweet will be added to the tweet thread which showcases a community that shall be whitelisted for the mint.


Example invitation

See your community in a comic in our Whitelist Tweet Thread?

Move on to the next step!


As a budding whitelister who has seen their community mentioned on our little Tweet Thread, we invite you to join the Dopex Discord and mingle amongst our Employees (CEO’s term of endearment for Discord members).

Now that you are in the Discord, make your way to the Training Ground.


This will be under the Diamond Pepes section of the Discord which may require a smidgen of searching.

Found the Training Ground?

You’re nearly there my clever bean! Feel free to peruse the rest of the Discord, in particular Water Cooler Talk where all our exceptional community members typically mull around.


My my my, you have gone from Twitter to Discord and from the Discord to the Training Ground. What’s the next step, I hear you ask.

In the Training Ground we require just one thing - a written Expression of Interest that clearly outlines who you are, what community you come from, and why you are here. This can follow the format of:

“Dear CEO/CMO,

My name is [insert name] and I come from [Whitelisted Community]. I would like to express my interest in participating in the Gen 2 Duel Mint.

[Extra fluff as desired]

Warm regards,

[Insert Name]"


Allow I, Nutorito, to demonstrate an example by our Most Esteemed CEO:


Thank you CEO for this crystal clear example.

Once your Expression of Interest has been assessed by the CEO, CMO, or other supervisors, you will be assigned a unique “Budding Duelist” Discord role. This will be the key to the next steps.



When you are assigned the Budding Duelist role, you will be granted access to a secret channel.

Within this channel you will gain access to a Google Form link.

This will ask you three questions:

  1. Your Discord/Twitter name (optional)
  2. What community you come from
  3. Your ERC-20 address

This Google Form MUST be filled out for you to be whitelisted. We will release a spreadsheet with the results of this form so you can make sure your address is there.

Please note that the Google Form will only be released once all whitelisted communities have been made public to make sure people assign themselves to the community they would most like to represent.


You might ask yourself “Why does the CEO need to mark down what community the Whitelisters came from?”

An incredible question.

The CEO shall be giving away 5 (five) Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. loot-bags to the community with the greatest turnout for the whitelist. These will consist of real life Company merchandise that will be sure to make the LADIES (or gentlemen) go crazy.

In addition to this, 5 (five) people that write the best Tweets about Gen 2 Diamond Pepes will also be sent some OFFICIAL Diamond Pepes Pty Ltd. loot bags - Make sure to share your tweet in the Discord!

Let’s pump those numbers up, colleagues!


For now, just keep in mind the process of whitelisting as follows:

  1. Join the Dopex Discord
  2. Send an Expression of Interest in the Training Ground channel
  3. Gain Budding Duelist role
  4. Enter the Secret Channel
  5. Fill out the Google Form
  6. Get whitelisted

Once you see your address on the spreadsheet, you are officially whitelisted - wait out for official announcements surrounding the Duel Mint and check in with the rest of our community on the Discord.

Please remember that we will have 2 separate giveaways for:

  1. Community with the greatest turn out to the Gen 2 Whitelist
  2. Five people with the best Tweets about our exciting upcoming Duel Mint

Until next time, colleagues!

Kind regards,


CEO’s Personal Assistant

Grade 2 Pen License | Qualified Barista


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