Dopex Diamond Pepe pledging will open today @ 22.22 UTC.

What is a pledge?

A "pledge" is a pledge to burn your pepe and enter a pool for a chance to win from 11 1-of-1 legendary diamond pepes.

I.e: each pledged pepe counts as a ticket to obtain a legendary.

Why would you do this?

  • Legendaries are unique and 1 of 1s.
  • Each pledge gives you a chance to win from the 11, there are 11 random numbers/winners picked at the end of the pledge period
  • The next collection will be priced in $ETH

How will it work?

Step 1: Pledging

Step 2: RNG (Random Number Generation)

  • Random numbers generated through Chainlink VRF will be fed into a contract on mainnet
  • You can check them on the day of RNG through the smart contracts or on the Dopex Discord

Step 3: Withdrawal of Legendary

  • If you hold a winning pledge number - you are automatically transferred your legendary
  • If you don’t hold a winning pledge number - your pledged NFTs are burned forever

Key to note

  • Legendaries can be staked to obtain revenue in the next collection
  • Pepes can be pledged (burned) to earn revenue in the next collection, however, there are far more floors and there're only 11 legendaries
  • More pledged = lesser supply = everyone wins


The term is “utility” has become a meme in the NFT world but there are some features the Dopex Diamond Pepe collection gives users access to:

  • Governance to vote on new mints:
    • Vote-locking 33% of supply with a pledge to burn them will trigger a new mint

If you have any other questions feel free to join our Discord ( and post your question in the #💎-diamond-pepes channel.

About Dopex

Dopex is a decentralized options protocol that aims to maximize liquidity, minimize losses for option writers and maximize gains for option buyers — all in a passive manner. Dopex uses option pools to allow anyone to earn a yield passively. Offering value to both option sellers and buyers by ensuring fair and optimized option prices across all strike prices and expiries. This is thanks to our own innovative and state-of-the-art option pricing model that replicates volatility smiles.

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